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The mini rider is the ultimate women’s, youths, actually everybody cruiser! With a battery that will last up to 35 miles, you’ll be able to ride in style for hours on this super easy to ride mid size for all Electric Bike. The mini-rider is a stylish cruiser eBike that will get you where you’re going, whether going to school, shopping, the mall, at the beach or on the road or vacation spot. The cushioned saddle is made for comfort, ensuring that you’ll have an awesome ride no matter how long it will be.

  • Motor: 250W 36V, maintenance free, brushless DC, rear hub motor delivers maximum power.
  • Speed: pure electric up to 20MPH  (legal maximum) w/pas 28mph.
  • Battery: + (miles) rated for 1000 charges premium lightweight 36 Volt Lithium Ion Smart Cell  as standard, ‘fireproof’ design for safety. mid-frame battery position to provide low center of gravity and rider stability.
  • Range: pure electric 16-20 miles, w/PAS 30-38 mile range.
  • Smart Charger: provides a 60% rapid charge in 45 minutes 2-3.5 hours for full charge from empty, auto cutoff even if plugged in, LED indicator charging/full.
  • Frame:  Hand welded, light and strong aluminum alloy blended frame for the right mix of lightweight and toughness for durability and safety / size: 18″ /46 cm; ideally suited to riders 5.2” to 6.4” feet tall.
  • Headlights: 2000 lum LED adjustable headlight included free
  • Weight: 21.5 Kg including ‘’lockable” easily removable 3.25 kg 10 Ah battery free extras.
  • Intelligent Controller- designed for smooth starts and 3 levels of pedal assist seamlessly shifting into/out of pure electric for extra power when you need it most.
  • Brakes: Front V brake, rear expansion brake for better safety  and excellent stopping power in all weathers.
  • Wheel: 20″ extra strong double walled rims, with stainless spokes and Kenda puncture resistant tires.
  • Seat: Premium ‘soft seat’ adjustable Stem EZ-twist to provide the exact right seat/height comfort size for you.
  • Free extras: 
  • Kickstand
  • Headlights
  • Basket ( on most models)
  • Rear Cargo Rack (on most models)
  • Battery Lock EZ battery removable in/out pop up handle for charging at the office, apartment if you don’t have a garage
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2 reviews for EZ Mini Rider


    3 out of 5

    I needed to start getting out and excercising, but as a “baby boomer” and being out of shape I discovered that the EZ Mini Riders are excellent bikes to help you improve your health, lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, knee rehabilitation, and diabetic patient and get moving. Exercise is the key to improving your health and losing weight according to many leading publications. PlugNGo Electric bikes are a fun way to do so. PlugNGo Electric bikes are easy to use and easy to pedal: electric bikes are easy bikes, which means that you can ease yourself into your workout routine in a non-intimidating way. Electric bikes are about augmenting human power, not replacing it, which is what makes them great exercise tools.


    5 out of 5

    I love this company and their ebikes. I had bought a regular size ebike (26″ tires) from them and found I was to short to sit comfortably. I contacted them and they allowed me to trade it in (as long as it came back in the same shape which since i never rode it was in perfect shape and fit back in the shipping box easily) for the mini rider (20″ tires) and I love it. I love this bike. I am short and it is perfect for me and have over 200 miles and running great.
    I usually dont write reviews but these guys were just to good CS wise not to.
    I say get yours now.

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