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The EZ Rider folding bike packs a punch in a light and compact form. 30 seconds to fold, unfold and ride Its 300W hub motor is maintenance-free and we want one in every car trunk in America. Most foldables this durable and size come in 250 watts, we give you an extra ‘kick’ with 300 watts. Whether you want a compact electric bike to take on the perfect ‘Last Mile’ solution for work, commuting and recreational use as you can easily fit 2 or 3 in most cars and for RV or camping adventures, or want to store it in a small apartment, the EZ Rider is the perfect solution. Plus, it folds up quickly in about 30 seconds!

  • Motor: 250W 36V, maintenance free, brushless DC, rear hub motor delivers maximum power.
  • Speed: pure electric up to 20MPH  (legal maximum) w/pas 28mph.
  • Battery: + (miles) rated for 1000 charges premium lightweight 36 Volt Lithium Ion Smart Cell  as standard, ‘fireproof’ design for safety. mid-frame battery position to provide low center of gravity and rider stability.
  • Range: pure electric 16-20 miles, w/PAS 30-38 mile range.
  • Smart Charger: provides a 60% rapid charge in 45 minutes 2-3.5 hours for full charge from empty, auto cutoff even if plugged in, LED indicator charging/full.
  • Frame:  Hand welded, light and strong aluminum alloy blended frame for the right mix of lightweight and toughness for durability and safety / size: 18″ /46 cm; ideally suited to riders 5.2” to 6.4” feet tall.
  • Headlights: 2000 lum LED adjustable headlight included free
  • Weight: 18.5 Kg including ‘’lockable” easily removable 3.25 kg 10 Ah battery free extras.
  • Intelligent Controller- designed for smooth starts and 3 levels of pedal assist seamlessly shifting into/out of pure electric for extra power when you need it most.
  • Brakes: Front V brake, rear expansion brake for better safety  and excellent stopping power in all weathers.
  • Wheel: 20″ extra strong double walled rims, with stainless spokes and Kenda puncture resistant tires.
  • Seat: Premium ‘soft seat’ adjustable Stem EZ-twist to provide the exact right seat/height comfort size for you.
  • Free extras: 
  • Kickstand
  • Headlights
  • Battery Lock EZ battery removable in/out pop up handle for charging at the office, apartment if you don’t have a garage 
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5 reviews for EZ Foldable Rider


    5 out of 5

    I really like this bike. It’s very easy to switch between manual, pedal assist, and full electric modes, and it works well both on the street and off road. Plus the folding feature allows it to fit neatly into the trunk of my car. My only complaint is that in pedal assist mode, the pedaling becomes too easy and I’m just spinning the pedals around with practically no resistance


    4 out of 5

    I love the versatility that this EZ Foldable Rider provides. First of all I don’t have much space to store my bike so being able to tuck it away in my back room keeps it mostly out of the way! It’s handy to take out and do short trips to the store to pickup groceries and pack it on the back of the bike. The other thing I found out is that at first it was heavy to put into my car trunk, but then if you remove the battery (which slides up easily) then its light enough for anyone to put into the car. Additionally I don’t have to go thru the trouble of putting on my bike rack before taking it out to the park!


    5 out of 5

    This is THE bike! I searched and did a lot of studying on the e-bike subject… I am so lucky that I finally found this company and there bikes. I couldn’t be happier! This bike does everything and more than what I expected. I did email customer support, for some minor questions about installation, since i am not the most mechanical person, and they responded immediately! They have exact step by step assembly videos that were awesome for someone like me. Other companies take heed, this is how it’s done! I paid for this bike, and thought it was a good deal. I would pay a lot more actually after riding it for 400 miles+, but I am extremely happy with my purchase and the amount I paid. Pull the trigger, if your looking for a awesome e-bike that is a regular bike, and folds down to nothing, and keeps a charge all day long! Then look no further! Your bike awaits!


    4 out of 5

    This folding bicycle is just right for me. It folds up and fits perfectly in the back of my trunk. It is nice to know I always have transportation with me once I get to where I’m going.


    4 out of 5

    I’m using my ebike for Knee Rehabilitation.
    Cycling is used as an integral part of knee rehabilitation programs by physio’s around the world. This is not surprising when you consider the benefits, including:
    increase or restore knee joint range of movement
    increase or restore knee joint stability
    increase or restore the strength of muscles around the knee
    decrease or eliminate pain prevent reoccurrence of the ininjury
    In comparison with other exercises PlugNGo electric cycling is a relatively ‘knee friendly’ activity that can help to improve knee joint mobility and stability.

    It certainly worked for me since running and even walking is out of the question for me nowadays!

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