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A stylish & comfortable electric cruiser
EZ glider is our unisex take on the classic cruiser bike, and we’ve designed it to be perfect for more than just bike paths, trails or the beachfront boardwalk. The deep step-through frame provides super-easy on-and- off access that both women and men enjoy, while the swept-back handlebars keep the rider in a very comfortable upright sitting position. Its well-designed seat combines support with maximum comfort. It is popular with both men and women. With cargo rack this can take you just about anywhere!

Tire Size: 26 inch standard size
Frame:Steel Alloy mix
Power: 250W brushless
Battery: 36V10Ah lithium battery
Derailieur: SHIMANO Elite
Gearing: Shimano top of the line 6 speed
Shifter: Shimano smooth shift
Charging time:4-6 hours avg
Max speed: 20 Miles/hour unassisted up to 28mph with pedal assist
Max loading: 250Lbs
Range: 35 miles with pedal assist
Brake: Front V brake, rear expansion brake for better safety

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4 reviews for EZ City Glider


    5 out of 5

    I ordered this beautiful bike but it broke my heart that it was too tall & big for me. I’m 5 feet tall lady & the bike seat at it’s lowest point could not accommodate me. The seller was gracious & kind to accept a return and replaced it with the EZ Mini rider. Was perfect and I loved the price. I looked at other sellers who had comparable parts that started at $1700 and up which was more than I wanted to pay.
    Thanks Png


    4 out of 5

    I recently went thru knee rehab at my doctor’s request. At physical therapy everyday I had to do cycling to get my strength up again. Knowing how unstable my knee was, at first I was concerned how to continue rehab at home since I didn’t have confidence nor stamina on a regular bike. I was happy that they suggested a pedal assisted bike like the EZ City Glider! I would highly recommend anyone with this challenge, to start with this model since you don’t have to swing your legs over and can use the pedals as you grow your strength yet rest when needed and always know you can get home again yet enjoy to fresh air outdoors!


    5 out of 5

    I am a recent dealer of plugngo ebikes that we brand under our own name and not usually someone who writes reviews but in this case I felt compelled to forward some of the great feedback from my buyers I receive regularly now that I am carrying ebikes. The City bikes and the wide tire units sell best to the tune of 2-5 of each of these models every week.

    I have found that woman and most men tell me that they were very price conscious and not looking to stand out but rather blend in. I have noticed the growing popularity of ebikes with all kinds of whistles and bells and with those comes higher prices. The tag line for plugngo is right on, people want AFFORDABLE QUALITY meaning they want an ebike that works well, nothing fancy and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.
    We are getting more press and buyers as the most affordable ebike seller in the county and I honestly make more profit than we ever did selling regular bikes and personally i am now convinced that ebikes are going to take the lead in bike sales very soon in my city of Portland.

    We already have a robust bike commuting segment, the support we receive and the fact that the leaders are careful not to undercut our pricing on their site and refer buyers in this area to me is so what you would hope for and expect.
    Thanks plugngo,
    The Bike Shop


    5 out of 5

    Wow this bike is perfect for me. I am a dude and had bought a Rider for me and a Glider for my better half three months ago and was hurt in a car accident. As I got better I had a minor mobility issue in my left leg but was itching to get out and ride. I admitted to myself it might be easier to ‘step through’ and tried my girlfiends bike and boy was it easier.

    Her bike was as fast as mine, handlesd extremely well and i felt safer taking corners at speed for some reason, I am not a wimp by any means but guys dont hesitate to get a unisex version. Hers had a front basket beside the rear rack that was super nice to stuff stuff into.
    I can see boomers as really liking these when i get older.

    Best thing is i now ride to work 7 miles each way and pop off my battery at the office or apartment and so easy to give it a quick charge. I am still in the back of my mind thinking oi will run out of charge but never gotten close to that.
    Ride on

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