Our Story

In 2014, while on vacation in Europe, the soon to be Founder was surprised to see electric bikes gliding through slower car traffic in almost every country he visited and the ease at which he and the family could rent and see so much more of the city on an e-bike. When in China next on a sourcing contract Richard saw e-bikes by the hundreds at every major intersection and had an Ahhaa moment. After doing some research on the e-bicycle industry, he did what any entrepreneur and practical masters candidate in Business administration with a wife and a two young children under 10 does: He went to some friends who also saw that e-bikes were blowing up globally and formed a top notch team.


It’s a story still in the making.

More than 3 years later, we’re still delivering great products at great prices and much more The big adoption barrier they found in their research was in the  US was price points. Cheap online e-bikes were problematic and poor quality, and the average price for a decent quality ebik started at $2500 all the way to $7000. He thought UUggh there had to be a way to offer a quality e-bike that everyone could afford. Welcome to the home of $995 e-bikes.
Richard and some friends leveraged their savings to start the company, went to a dozen factories, bought many samples that led to inspecting and only using approved parts tested for durability, quality and started testing them on local college campuses. The ease of use helped come up with the name. They called their young startup Plug-n-Go and focused on a simple mission: Great Products at Great Prices. Expect great service and support at any of our dealers nationwide.