The Electric Elephant



Mission: To provide (at no cost) electric bikes to students nationwide, promoting the use of electric vehicles as the norm of tomorrow.


“Climate change is threatening not just our way of life, but life itself.”

– Richard Awni, Co-Founder, PlugNGo

Green Elephants is the non-profit arm of PlugNGo, an ambitious new clean tech company working on creative solutions for the world’s energy need. Green Elephants is working to support other great companies and people who are not blind to climate change and the effects of pollution on a global scale, by providing 5 brand new electric bicycles to every college campus in America. PlugNGo has the vision, business model and team to be the catalyst for LEV adoption. Today, the country. Tomorrow, the world.

We live in the age of technology, and believe that through technology environmentally toxic forms of transportation can rapidly be replaced by clean, electric alternatives. Tesla made luxury electric vehicles socially acceptable and even sought-after. Toyota’s Prius drove every major automaker to create their own line of affordable consumer hybrids and electrics. Yet another electric vehicle is approaching a “tipping point” towards mass-adoption and in need of a slight nudge: the electric bike and scooter. Yes! Your childhood bicycle has grown up to be fully electric!

Millions of people currently use bikes, gas scooters or motorcycles. The Green Elephants movement will spark the adoption of electric vehicles among those millions of people both domestically and internationally.

Worldwide there are almost 200 million gas scooters driven daily. Throughout many countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, and across Europe especially in the Mediterranean, gas scooter-users outnumber automobile drivers.

The number of bicycle riders worldwide has reached critical mass, creating a perfect vacuum for low-priced LEV’s (light electric vehicles), which save the rider time and energy. We need the public to be ready to accept this new technology and evolve the transportation sector.

The United States has an expanding LEV market with no one brand driving the culture around LEVs. The influence American brands have on the international marketplace is without question, and through the Green Elephants this burgeoning market can be turned “green” and so can the transportation sector. Research suggests that US adoption of electric bikes will reduce our carbon footprint by up to 11%.

The power for real changes lies with people. Political and Corporate America move too slowly, and the time is now to make big moves. By shining a spotlight and creating an actionable mission, we can push electric vehicles past the tipping point and into mass adoption.

The Green Elephants are a group of “Change Agents”. We need powerful, dedicated champions who are willing to address important social and environmental causes. American celebrities are a powerful group from which to create social movements. We understand that the realities of the modern lifestyle afford minimal time, but we only ask two things of our members.

  • First, tell the world about the Green Elephants in any way you can.
  • Second, be there when we donate bikes to your (or any other) college.

Celebrity status has always fueled the fire of important issues. With the oversight of the Green Elephants celebrity endorsers, the electric bike donation program for colleges, universities and other institutions will get the “Electric Movement” moving even faster.