The Electric Elephant



Mission: To provide (at no cost) 3 electric bikes to every major university in school colors to promote collegiate e-bike use as a better way to get to, from and around campuses nationwide.


“Climate change is threatening not just our way of life, but life itself.”

– Richard Awni, Co-Founder, PlugNGo

The Electric Elephants is not only one of the coolest electrics on the planet but also will be a non-profit arm of Plug-n-Go Electrixx with a very big vision to provide 3 brand new electric bicycles to every college campus in America.

We live in the age of technology, and believe that through technology environmentally toxic forms of transportation will be replaced by clean, electric alternatives like our e-bikes for shorter commutes, school, shopping and lots of fun along the way.

Electric cars are now mainstream thanks to Tesla and others. Yet another electric vehicle is approaching a “tipping point” towards mass-adoption and in need of a slight nudge: the electric bike and scooter. Yes! Your childhood bicycle has grown up to be fully electric!

The United States has an expanding LEV market with no one brand driving the culture around LEVs. Join us; we need powerful, dedicated champions who are willing to address important social and environmental causes. American celebrities are a powerful group from which to create social movements.