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Driving the Culture Forward

About US

Plugngo is an interdisciplinary collective of critical minded problem solvers aware of our climate crisis and working to meaningfully facilitate progress in sustainable lifestyles. Tesla has set the stage for electric cars, and we believe Light Electric Vehicles, or LEVs are the next real agent of change when it comes to sustainable, affordable and accessible modes of transportation.

Our Team

We are an ambitious clean tech company delivering creative, quality and affordable clean transportation solutions. Our management team is filled with professionals with experience that are nothing less than exceptional. From AT&T, Pixar, NASA to, eBay, PayPal, Bank of America, Macy’s, Disney and others, the team brings a diverse mix of critical skills needed to curate and  drive the country’s first national  ‘all electric lifestyle’.

Richard AwniFounder & CEO

A visionary and serial entrepreneur, Richard founded several successful business ventures including widely-recognized Nature’s Own. He also served as brand manager for AT&T,, DIRECTV, Physician Med office dispensing. He is the founder and Chairman of Family First Foundation for the past 15 years.

Dani CanubasPresident

Mr. Daniel “Dani” Canubas is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise in Human Resources, Financial Planning, International Sales & Marketing, Global Distribution, Leadership, Management, Start Up Business Development, Fund Raising, and Team Building.

Mark ChunCOO

As a senior executive for Bank of America for that past decade, Mark Chun manages national and global banking and IT operations. As an organizational expert, managed big-box retail operations to structure and implement Kohl’s and Macy’s rollouts in different states in the country.

Colin BradyCreative Design Director

Prolific movie and animation creator and director, head of Pixar’s Animation/Design Department for China Animation. Has worked with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. His work appears in ET, The Amazing Spiderman, The Hunger Games, Toy Story 2, Green Lantern, Star Wars, Astroboy, Transformers and more.

Ganesh HegdeChief IT Advisor

Ganesh Hegde is a highly accomplished User Experience Designer, E-commerce Specialist and Software Engineer.  His background includes stints with market leaders and; two of the premier online entities in the entire world.  Mr. Hegde is a noted expert in the field of consumer metrics and online sales.

Electric Lifestyle

After over 3 years of intensive international research and development we excited to bring you the affordable and high quality LEVs.


Electric Lifestyle

Research & Development


In addition to our engineering team in the US, we insist upon quality first while delivering affordability; every part, battery, frame, controller, nuts and bolt supplier was hand chosen after factory visits. What sets us apart from others is attention to detail and our in-house engineering/design teams that will win you over on your first ride.

You don’t get to become a ‘Tesla, BMW, GM or PlugnGo’ with just an idea or price point, hiring regular bike or auto mechanics that currently drive this segment. It takes talent!

Along with students from USC and UCLA Plug-n-Go has been testing for 28 months and it has helped define 41 specific Design upgrades and improvements to ensure a problem free owner experience.


E-bikes you say! Yes, your childhood bicycle has grown up to be fully electric! E-bikes today are still considered pricey but we now change that too. From factory floor we ensure that QC is first, using quality reliable components then are shipped to our distribution warehouse in California direct to you without the middlemen and huge mark-ups. We have tested our products on college campuses through hard usage to correct over 41 tiny little things to make great e-bikes priced for everyone.   We believe mass adoption of LEV’s needs quality that is affordable, and reliable. Our primary focus and promise is to incorporate the latest safety features and control our production lines to deliver clean, simple styles, reliable and built to last Affordable E-bikes. We lead the charge with our proprietary inventions while delivering american re-engineered e-bikes that deliver Affordable Quality  to create a ‘tipping point’ in mass adoption.