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Dealerships Love Our Commitment Using Only Top Quality Components




Quality and Affordability Redefined

Our products are made with select choice factory partner who worked from our US engineered design standards to deliver on our brand focused promise of Affordable Quality products that everyone can afford.  We started as an importer while mapping out pathways to become ‘America’s Favorite Brand’ and quietly become one of the largest wholesalers in the country by controlling our factory production lines and only use quality components. Our products currently sell to a variety of dealers with OEM or private labeling for dealers who want their own brand name or one of our placeholder labels.

Why are we so successful? Our wholesale pricing for one is the absolute lowest that can be found that incorporates US engineering standards we developed and demand on every bike.  Quality Lithium batteries, Liquid Crystal Display, Intelligent Controllers to top of the line Shimano Elite 6 speed gearing and state of the art Intelligent shifting giving you control the way you want it. We start licensing our Proprietary Brand for sale in 2018 to select dealerships who will not only sell, but service with a smile for a great customer experience.

Engineered to win you over your first ride

We start with quality, safety and reliability and factory control with attention to detail and our in-house engineering/design teams that will win you over on your first ride. Our reliable products didn’t ‘just happen’, while many ebikes can look similar from online overseas resellers, its what’s inside that counts! Plug-n-Go has tested parts from a dozen suppliers with over 28 months of hard usage & testing from USC, UCLA research students, consumers and our own team. We have developed from this research and testing our proprietary ‘41’ point Design Standards and upgrades to ensure a problem free owner and dealer experience.

From intelligent batteries, water resistant motors, LCD display, controller and batteries are sealed so no dust, or dew or corrosion will cause problems other ebikes owners experience. Many ebikes have only one or two control options of riding. We make three (3) types options for riding our units;

a. pedal assist that kicks in seamlessly to give you a boost on each pedal stroke

b. pure throttle control for electric only riding without the sweat or effort as you feel at the moment or destination like work, school etc c. people pedal pedal power just like your normal bike or 10 speed for exercise on demand.

Pedal or with PAS (pedal assist)  or with a twist of a throttle, just cruise along easily get to your destination without breaking a sweat. E-bikes are a great alternative to driving!

Viva La Revolution!

Plug-n-Go is an innovative, green technology firm that will deliver mass e-bike adoption in the United States with a mission to build a USA ‘Lifestyle’ Ebike Brand utilizing quality controls, affordable pricing, and specific types of dealers to deliver simple, clean stylish ebikes today.

innovate proprietary units to establish separation, leadership, a unique, well designed go to market strategy to scale globally and make personal urban mobility vehicles a ubiquitous part of everyday life. 

Our goal is to be the company and establish a national ‘Lifestyle’ brand with simple, stylish, affordable e-bikes with key separators like our proprietary Electric Elephant set to launch next month on Kickstarter, one of the unique electric vehicle to drive the electric culture forward.  Viva La Revolution!

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Electric Elephant

Welcome to the Future of Urban Mobility! Introducing the country’s first ‘all-weather/all- terrain’ easiest Fat Tire electric that you will ever ride! The Electric Elephant is it a scooter, a Harley, bike or WTF? We blended forward-thinking design with the best elements of your bike with the stability of a scooter to deliver Technology, Performance and Style. This ultra-ride has the first blue-tooth tied into a speaker seamlessly integrated to play your music, GPS whether you want to run the city or trails, bike paths or tackle sand, grass, dirt, or snow or rocking it So-Cal style this is how we do it. Save $1,000 now at our Kickstarter coming soon. Sign up for updates below.

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Plugngo Electric Elephant in action