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Driving the Culture Forward

About Us

Plugngo is an interdisciplinary collective of critical minded problem solvers aware of our climate crisis and working to meaningfully facilitate progress in sustainable lifestyles. Tesla has set the stage for electric cars, and we believe Light Electric Vehicles, or LEVs are the next real agent of change when it comes to sustainable, affordable and accessible modes of transportation.

We intend to drive the future forward into a new electric lifestyle with a full fleet of LEVs starting with our kickstarter launch of the Kronos fully electric scooter, available at two power levels.

After two years of intensive international research and development we excited to launch the Kronos as our flagship product.

R & D

Our carefully curated team has invested years of research into the existing market for LEVs both internationally and domestically. After a extensive investigation into the manufacturing process and a series of prototypes we believe the Kronos will launch Plugngo into the forefront of the American LEV market.

American Premium Brand

Our founder and CEO, Richard Awni, has spent years travelling the world. He was motivated by the now widespread use of electric vehicles internationally, and the lack of market for such products domestically. He viewed this as a call to arms to establish an American brand focused on innovation and accessibility to take a lead in this movement towards a sustainable future for everyone.

Rent to Own

One of the greatest hindrances to electric vehicular technology being used widespread is financial inaccessibility, a core focus of Plugngo has always been to bring the electric lifestyle to the masses and drive progress forward. As such, our master plan includes the development of a rent to own option for our products with a target starting cost of just $299.00.

Electric Elephants

Another branch of our master planning includes the development of a non-profit focused on bringing LEVs to American College and University campuses at no cost to students. We call ourselves The Electric Elephants. Read more.

Our Team

Meet our creative, hard-working people. Had it not been for them we wouldn’t be here today.

Richard AwniFounder & CEO

A visionary and serial entrepreneur, Richard founded and sold several successful business ventures including widely-recognized Nature’s Own. He also served as brand management for, AT&T, DIRECTV, and Physician Med office dispensing. He founded and has been Chairman of Family First Foundation for the past 15 years.

Dani CanubasPresident

Mr. Daniel “Dani” Canubas is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur with extensive experience and expertise in Human Resources, Financial Planning, Sales & Marketing, Global Distribution, Leadership, Management, Start Up Business Development, Fund Raising, and Team Building.

Mark ChunCOO

As a senior executive for Bank of America for that past decade, Chun manages national and global banking and IT operations. As an organizational expert, managed big-box retail operations to structure and implement Kohl’s and Macy’s rollouts in California.

Colin BradyCreative Design Director

Prolific movie and animation creator and director, head of Pixar’s Animation/Design Department for China Animation. Has worked with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. His work appears in ET, The Amazing Spiderman, The Hunger Games, Toy Story 2, Green Lantern, Star Wars, Astroboy, Transformers and more.

Ganesh HegdeChief IT Advisor

Ganesh Hegde is a highly accomplished User Experience Designer, E-commerce Specialist and Software Engineer.  His background includes stints with market leaders and; two of the premier online entities in the entire world.  Mr. Hegde is a noted expert in the field of consumer metrics and online sales.

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