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Electric Elephant

Welcome to the Future of Urban Mobility! Introducing the the country’s first ‘all-weather/all terrain electric that anyone can ride with ease; The Electric Elephant which blends forward-thinking design, comfort, style and performance. It screams ‘get one, move out of the way or be run over’. Be a King or Queen of the road, an electric scooter that is great for run of the city and the first e-ride built to tackle sand, grass, dirt, or snow. Save a $1,000 now at our Kickstarter coming soon. Sign up for updates below. We intend to drive the future forward into a new electric lifestyle with a full fleet of LEVs starting with our kickstarter launch of the Electric Elephant scooter, available at two power levels.

Quality and Affordability Redefined.

Want to get from point A to point B? Now you can get there in style and you won’t be exhausted when you get there. Or just cruise for over 52 miles without a destination in mind! Riding the plugngo eBikes, you can transport yourself with ease around the city, to the beach, work, and to anywhere your heart desires. The Plugngo eBike can tackle sand, grass, dirt, or pavement. It’s a full-package, sustainable transportation solution!


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Plugngo Electric Elephant in action

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1000W Motor